Sex Toys Custom Packaging
-Branding & Private Label

Packaging is what first meets the eyes of your possible customers.
To be attractive enough to make striking first impressions,
AhDesire provides sex toy distributors and sex toy brand owners with cost-effective packaging solutions and consultations.
With years of experience in sex toy packaging customizing services,
we are good at customizing color boxes, gift boxes, bags, inserts, tags, labels, clamshells, cartons, and Amazon packagings.

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What is Sex Toys Custom Packaging?

Sex toys custom packaging is specifically tailored to your company and the adult toy you sell to communicate important brand information to customers. They are usually complemented with brand logo, brand name, and other vital information about the sex toy. The packaging can be boxes, bags, labels, tags, etc.

Why Custom Packaging is Important?

Packaging is often the first thing a customer sees regardless if you are selling sex toys online or in-store. Custom packaging gives you a unique opportunity to inform your customers about the benefits of your product and make your sex toys attractive to potential buyers.
Good sex toys custom packaging helps brand owners, sex toy distributors, sex toy wholesalers and sex toy retailers to market sex toys and improve sales.

How to Create A Custom Packaging?

Sex toy custom packaging doesn’t have to be complex.
Here at AhDesire, we offer custom packaging solutions that make sense for all sex toy businesses. Whether you’re designing custom retail packaging with your logo or need corrugated cardboard mailers for your ecommerce biz, there’s lots of inspiration to be found for your custom packaging.
You can buy white lable non-branded sex toys in bulk and order custom packaging that perfectly aligns with your brand.

Choose Style of Sex Toy Packaging

In order to personalize sex toys with your own logo, the first step is to decide what kind of packaging suits your product. It is highly related to your brand strategy and your budget for the sex toy packaging.

According to our experience, the average cost of the packaging is around 10% of the sex toy value (in bulk price). You might already noticed that
Most adult toys are packed in color box.
Low cost adult toys like cock rings and bullet vibrators are usually packed in clamshell and OPP bags.
Expensive adult toys like remote controll vibrators are usually packed in gift boxes.

Additional Options for Sex Toy Packagings


350G Art Paper (Default)

Suits for small and light weight sex toys.

400G Art Paper

Beyond the average quality of packagings. Suits for expensive sex toys

500G Art Paper

Suits for middle size (<500g) dildos, anal plugs, strap ons.

White Cardboard + F Flute Corrugated Board

Suits for heavy sex toys like large size dildos and butt plugs (>500g), real size pussy and ass masturbators, inflatable sex doll with real size head.



No printing. Great discreet packaging. Usually pair with stickers to deliver different sex toys information.

Full Color (Default)

Also called process color. Four ink colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) printed as millions of tiny, overlapping dots that blend together to create the full color spectrum. Also known as the CMYK process. 

Spot Color

Spot color printing helps sex toy brand owners get accurate and consistent color matches on labels. It is created using a specific premixed ink based on Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors.


In the sex toy packaging industry, lamination refers to the process of bonding a clear plastic film onto printed paper to make it stronger and more durable.

The bonding is applied to the printed paper so that it protects the packaging from stains, tears, moisture and other hazards that can damage or ruin it altogether. Lamination adds strength and rigidity to a printed piece and also makes the colors stand out more.

Matte Lamination (Default) produces an elegant, sophisticated finish and more natural look. Matte lamination has a “velvety” texture that makes it pleasant to handle. It also softens the contrast of darker colors so that they don’t stand out quite as much.

Gloss Lamination produces a shiny, glass-like appearance that enhances the color and vibrancy of the ink on a page.

Sex Toys Private Label Matte and Gloss Lamination

Corrugated Board

For heavy sex toys, mailer box and outside carton. Protect products during violent transportation. You can choose how many walls do you need and the structure of each wall.

White Cardboard

Makes the colors appear more vibrant and smooth.

Dark Kraft Board

Eco-friendly packaging in it’s natural color.

Flute Types of Corrugated Board

  • F Flute Paper
  • E Flute Paper
  • C Flute Paper
  • B Flute Paper
  • A Flute Paper
Sex Toys Private Label Corrugated Board

Sex Toy Packaging Add ons

Pratical Skills to Level up Your Brand Packaging

Window Cut Out

Box with window is great design for sex toy retail stores and sex shops. It helps customers to completly understand how the product looks like without unboxing it. You can build customer’s interest to the boxes and the sex toys inside to increase the sales.
Frequently pair with transparent clamshell.

Small Window

Perfect for realistic dildos and sex toys with nice color

Big Window

Suits for big realistic dildos and large anal plugs

Both Sides Printing

Two-sided box printing provides you with more opportunities to leave a stronger impression on your customer.

Sex Toys Custom Packaging Both sides Printing

Silver/Gold Foiling

Silver foil and gold foil offer a subtle shine while still exuding elegance. Ideal solution to make your sex toys look expensive

Sex Toy Brand Packaging Silver Gold Foiling


Embossing and debossing can add 3D luxury to your packaging and help develop brand identity.

Sex Toy Brand Packaging Emboss Deboss

Sex Toy Custom Packaging Inspiration


OPP Bag + Art Paper