Power Pump Recommandation

Penis Pump Recommandation

How to Choose a Power Pump?

  1. Select a transparent tube so you may monitor the condition of your manhood while exercising.
  2. Make sure the penis pump you choose has a vacuum limiter. With the help of this feature, the air pressure inside the tube is kept from building up to a point where it could harm your penis.
  3. Another crucial factor is the size of the ring that wraps around your penis.

All penis exercise pump on this website meet above standards and you can choose silicone sleeves or realistic sleeves with different size.

Neutral Packaging

We are listing penis pump in bulk and packaging seperately to fit different clients’ requirements.
This packaging suits for all Penis Pumps except pumps with pistol handle.
A 5x7cm sticker will be added to the packaging with product information including sku, product name, EAN barcode, etc.
Customize service available. Simply change the LOGO or redesign it from die cut.(MOQ 500PCS) Contact info@ahdesire.com if you need more information.

Price Comparation

Basic < with Accu-Meter < Powered by Batteries < USB Rechargeable
Both battery powered vacuum pump and hand-powered erection pump can get the job done. 

Popularity Comparation

with Gun Handle < with Bulb < with Classic Handle < Auto
Find out how to use before insert your manhood.

Extra Parts for Penis Pump

All penis pump come with a silicone sleeve.
Adding extra parts can help clients find the suitable size and increase the fun.

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