How to choose Jewel Butt Plug?

How to choose Jewel Butt Plug?

Let’s quickly review what a butt plug is before discussing jewel butt plugs.
butt plug is a sex product designed to be inserted into the anus for sexual pleasure. Both men and women can benefit from stimulating the anal cavity. Some people wear them for longer because they enjoy the sensation so much. Men can even enjoy the added pleasure of a little prostate play. Butt plug can be made of many materials and arrive in almost any shape, color, size, etc.

Hera at AhDesire, you can get jewel butt plug in bulk at wholesale prices. We also offer private label service to brand owners and multiple packaging options to sex toy stores.

Jewel Butt Plugs

jewel butt plug refers to a butt plug that’s made of metal or silicone and comes with a pretty jewel on the bottom. It has a longer stem than other butt plugs to display the jewel/crystal. You can also call them crystal plugs, jeweled plugs, rosebud butt plugs, or princess plugs (so pretty, like a princess).

On this website, you can find an enormous range of jewel butt plugs at wholesale prices. You can buy jewel butt plugs in bulk to get a reasonable price. Or choose packaging for better displaying.

Classic Metal Butt Plugs

The most classic choice is a rounded metal butt plug with a round jewel base. The metal plug is well-machined without any rough cutting edges. And there are lots of jewel/gem colors available.
You can start with the mini butt plug or take the whole set (3 sizes) home. -Get ready to take your anal sex games to the next level.
The silver metal plug is the most economical choice, thanks to its popularity. The significant volume is beneficial when it comes to mass production.

But we suggest that sex toy wholesalers and store owners keep jewel butt plugs in stock with a golden or iridescent color to give customers more options. The gorgeous colors can level up the role-plays experience and other sex games.

You might want to try a heavier jewel butt plug as soon as you get used to the standard weight. Take a nickel-free zinc alloy butt plug or a stainless steel butt plug with you. They are twice heavier than aluminum, the perfect choice for those who want to feel hot and cold sensations. Just soak the metal butt plugs in warm or cold water for a few minutes before insertion.

Heart-Shaped Gem Butt Plugs

If you’re looking for the best anal butt plug with a jeweled base, the heart-shaped jewel butt plug may be the right one for you. 

On the bottom of the jewel butt plug, there is a sparkling heart-shaped jewel. You can quicken your partner’s pulse by flashing it by showing off your bum. There are multi sizes and colors available. Pick one or order a set of Heart-Shaped jewel butt plugs (3 sizes).

Jewelled Butt Plug with Bells and Leash

Besides the shining jewel, the butt plug can also come with a bell and a leash. Stuff your partner’s ass full of the jewel butt plug and take control of this leash. Make them crawl in front of you on their hands and knees while the bell makes a clear and sweet sound. Or hold the leash yourself to explore the anal fun. Both bells and the leash are detachable so you can enjoy it in multiple ways.

Our suggestion for wholesalers and store owners is to buy three different sizes butt plugs with one leash. We can pack products according to your requirement.

Ribbed Butt Plugs

The ribbed butt plug comes with a ribbed design to offer intensified pleasure. It is also called a spiral butt plug. 

Silver and gold are the most popular colors for ribbed metal plugs. Three sizes are available (large, medium, and small). Other colors of ribbed metal plugs only come in a small size.

Anchor Jewel Butt Plugs

Each anchor jewel butt plug is composed of the plug and the anchor-shaped bottom. The anchor-shaped handle ensures that the plug will not be sucked into your ass. Our anchor jewel butt plug is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a smooth and shiny surface for your comfort and safety.

The most popular Anchor Jewel Butt Plug comes in 3 sizes. Others come in one size.

Silicone Jeweled Butt Plugs

Silicone Jeweled Butt Plugs are made of top-quality silicone. It’s an excellent alternative for those with metal sensitivities, and its silicone body makes the process even more comfortable.

Other Jewel Metal Butt Plugs

Jewel butt plugs are made of safe materials like metal and silicone with a shining jewel. There are many available shapes and sizes: bullet head, taped tip, vibrating butt plugs, etc.

Packaging for Jewel Butt Plugs

Jewel butt plugs listed above are packed in soft velvet bags. If you need another packaging, you can have the below options:

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