Price and Payment

All prices on this website are wholesale prices at EXW(EX Works) term.

Available currency: USD and RMB
Available payment method: Paypal, Western Union, and Bank Transfer.
Sales rep will send payment detail with proforma invoice.

Available for order amount over 10,000 USD.
First order: 50% deposit and 50% before shipping
For clients with good payment reputation: 30% deposit and 70% before shipping


Products with low MOQ(<50) are in stock.
Products with high MOQ need to arrange new production.

Please check MOQ at product page for each product.
For most product, there is no MOQ, you can order as much as you need.

Method 1: Place order on this website
Method 2: Email SKU and quantity to
Sales rep will send proforma invoice with order amount, shipping fee and payment detail. Then you can arrange payment accordingly.


It takes 2 weeks to deliver a 10,000 USD order.
Small/Sample order will be ready within 3~7 days.

Pick up goods from our Dongguan warehouse does not require any shipping fee.
To other places in mainland China, we will charge shipping fee base on order amount.

Deliver to


Yangtze River Delta


Shipping fee

Order Amount *1%

Order Amount *2%

Order Amount *4%

Air shipping are very expensive these days. We need to calculate the cost base on the order’s destination, weight and volumn.

For parcel under 21KG, DHL/Fedex/UPS calculate the rate base on each 0.5KG, the first 0.5KG is the most expensive.
For parcel beyond 21KG, DHL/Fedex/UPS calculate the rate base on KG

Actual Weight

Use a scale to determine the weight of the package. Increase any fraction to the next half kilogramme.

Dimensional Weight

= Length * Width * Height / 5,000

Billable Weight

Compare the package’s actual weight to its dimensional weight. The larger of the two weights is the billable weight and should be used to calculate the rate.


Many people ask for samples, but not everyone who requests them takes them seriously. As a result, we have charged a sample fee in order to screen out buyers who are serious about the time and cost we pay for sampling, as well as the future business.

Sample rooms are expensive investments that come with a plethora of tools and machines for diverse functions. Workers developing custom samples are more sophisticated and specialized, so the labor expenses involved with creating custom sample are significantly higher than typical production worker prices. 

Custom samples usually always demand different, one-of-a-kind materials/color/technique, which necessitate the search for specific material and accessories in the local market. In short, the process of creating one or two samples is the same as mass manufacturing, but without the ease of mass production.

Although charging sample costs is a company policy that is not negotiable. We will subtract the sample fee from the order amount after the order quantity reaches the MOQ of each model.

Customized Service/Rebrand

All products on this website are avaible for rebranding.
You can have customized packaging, customized color, customized shapes, customized material etc.
Please contact to share your thoughts.


All products come with CE, RoHS certificate.

For other certificates, please contact your sales rep or email

Quality Guarantee.

All products we sell come with 1 year quality guarantee.
For defective items, simply send us pictures and videos to show the defective part.